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ECTN - European Chemistry Thematic Network Association

The ECTN, European Chemistry Thematic Network Association,is a non-profit making association registered in Belgium and is an outcome of six years of network activity (1996-2002). The Association was created to provide a sustainable future for the European Chemistry Thematic Network.

Higher education institutions, national chemical societies and chemical and software companies comprise our members. There are currently over 120 members of the network coming from 30 different European countries and with associate members world-wide.

Expert European groups work on a range of topics and produce reports with a real European dimension. These reports and recommendations are available on our website.

A multi-lingual series of tests, that can be used for certification / validation of competence in chemistry at various levels is now available on Internet. Associated E-learning facilities have been produced. The purpose of the tests is to validate the competence of all citizens, irrespective of their learning path.

Visit the ECTN Web Site

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