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Spectroscopy & Electrochemistry Summer School 2024 (SPEC 2024)

Flyer SPEC SCHOOL 2024_1.pdf


Welcome to the Spectroscopy & Electrochemistry Summer School (SPEC 2024 Summer School), an exciting event tailored for PhD students, post-docs, and young researchers. Proudly supported by the Divisions of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry within the Società Chimica Italiana, this educational gathering promises an enriching experience. SPEC 2024 Summer School is set to be a hub of knowledge and collaboration. The event will feature distinguished international speakers renowned in the fields of spectroscopy and electrochemistry. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage with experts and delve into cutting-edge research and advancements.

Some of the key topics that will be explored during the event include:

  • Optical and Vibrational Spectroscopy in Electrochemistry
  • Principles and Applications of Electrochemiluminescence
  • Synchrotron Techniques and Magnetism Applied to Electrochemistry
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) techniques
  • Microelectronic Fabrication


Additionally, courses on soft skills will be incorporated, offering attendees a complete learning experience. 

Organize by: 
Divisioni di Chimica Fisica e di Elettrochimica della Società Chimica Italiana
15 September, 2024
20 February, 2024
Tel: +39 049 827 5530

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