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ISPROCHEM 2024 International School of Process Chemistry - Advanced Edition

ISPROCHEM ADVANCED SCHOOL deals with topics of emerging interest and specialized technologies, and is aimed mostly at experienced industrial scientists. It can be of benefit also to academic participants and less experienced industrial chemists who are interested in learning how new technologies and ideas are being applied in an industrial setting.
A limited number of Fellowships for Ph.D. students are available.

The lectures span all modern aspects of Process Chemistry applied to the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and range from the synthetic route selection to the process development and scale-up, with a special focus on the finished product characteristics. The scientific programme of ISPROCHEM 2024 will consist of lessons delivered by acclaimed scientists from industry, but will also include lectures on special topics by prestigious international academic speakers.

Organize by: 
Università di Milano
Gargnano (BS, Italy) Ex Palazzo Municipale and sala Centro Civico Multifunzionale "A. Castellani".
26 May, 2024
29 May, 2024
Dr. Valerio Fasano

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