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Luca RIVOIRA Division of Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry VICE-COORDINATOR

Luca Rivoira, Tesoriere

Dipartimento di Chimica Università degli Studi di Torino

Luca Rivoira is a Assistan Professor at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Torino. He graduated in Environmental Chemistry (Master Degree) in 2013, working on project named “Optimization of a chromatographic method with amperometric detection and of extraction procedures for the determination of pollutants in environmental matrices”. On February 2017 he defended his Ph.D thesis in “Chemistry and Materials Sciences” with the project: “Functionalized ceramic materials with controlled dimensions and porosity for environmental applications”. Since 2014, Luca is member of Italian Chemical Society (SCI) and he is enabled to the profession of Chemist, by passing the Italian Professional Exam. 

His main research activities are focused on the evaluation of microplastics contamination in environmental and food matrices, on the synthesis and application of ceramic components in selected environmental topics, as well as on the development of analytical methods for the determination of emerging contaminants in environmental and food matrices.

He is the Vice-Cordinatore of the Young Group of the Italian Chemical Society, also being the delegate for the division of Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry.

His personal aim for the 3-years activity in SCI Giovani is to support events and meeting opportunities (both virtual and in presence) that could promote new networks and collaborations between all the Italian young chemists.

In his free time, Luca joins the management team of a Mountain Refuge, placed in the amazing Gran Paradiso Natural Park (Valle d’Aosta) and loves to make long walks in sunny and uncontaminated mountain places. However, relaxing days with a book and a beer on the seaside are also warmly welcomed!


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