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Inorganic Chemistry Division

Matteo Atzori, Consigliere

National High Magnetic Fields Laboratory
CNRS & Université Grenoble-Alpes

Matteo Atzori is a post-doctoral researcher in Molecular Inorganic Chemistry. He obtained his master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Cagliari, Italy, and a European joint PhD in Molecular Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Angers, France, and the University of Cagliari. After the PhD he performed a 3.5 years post-doctoral research stay at the Laboratory of Molecular Magnetism of the University of Florence, Italy, working on the investigation of magnetic molecules with applications in quantum computation. 

Currently he is a post-doctoral researcher at the National High Magnetic Fields Laboratory of the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) of Grenoble, France, where is working on chemical reactivity under high magnetic fields and on the preparation and investigation of chiral molecular multiferroics.

Matteo Atzori has been awarded with the prize for the Best PhD Thesis in Inorganic Chemistry 2015 of the SCI – Inorganic Chemistry Division, the Silver Medal of the Primo Levi Prize 2016 of the Young Group of the SCI, and the Silver Medal of the European Young Chemist Award 2018 of the European Chemical Society. He is coauthor of 22 publications in peer-reviewed journals and one book for students and young researchers on his main research topic: Functional Molecular Materials – An Introductory Textbook.

During the three-years activity as a member of the executive board Young Group of the SCI, Matteo Atzori aims at increasing the participation to a higher number of members to the activities organized by the SCI, and attract young chemists not yet members of the SCI by informing them about the opportunities offered by the association. In his free-time Matteo enjoys reading, running and performing outdoor activities.


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